Do You have Enough Conflict In Your Novel?

enough conflict

Do You have Enough Conflict In Your Novel?

As Amanda Patterson, founder of the excellent site, Writers Write,   wrote in 17 Ways To Make your Novel More Memorable, you need to structure your book as a roller-coaster ride. It should be a physical journey that forces your reader to vicariously experience a series of emotions. Pace it. Give us moments of respite and then throw us back into the action.

You need to give your protagonist and your antagonist story goals. These story goals should be in conflict with each other. Tell a story where your readers can empathise with both your hero and your villain. Make both of them memorable and interesting.

But how do you tell if you will have enough conflict in your novel?

Go to the Writers Write site and you can answer their conflict test and find out.

How did YOU get on?

I applied this test to my new rough draft novel Ridge Walker sequel, provisionally titled ‘Green on Blue.’

My score of 13 was more than adequate!  I think my characters need a rest!


Let me know what you think of the twelve questions!



Do you sleep well at night?

Check out this cool blog from my new friend Anne Allen and in particular her laser sharp analysis of the state of the indie revolution.

If you are an author like me then maybe you shouldn’t read this just before bed!

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Last weekend we had a fabulous show of support especially from the UK and America.

Thanks to you all. I am truly humbled and it spurs me on to complete the second Ridge Walker novel.

Before then watch out for The Devil You Know coming soon!







NaNoWriMo 50,000 words achieved on 23rd of the month!

My NaNoWriMo challenge of 50,000 words in the month of November has been breached…!

But don’t get too happy clappy just yet.

That would be wrong, so very wrong.
After all, He is only now emerging, slavering from his lair, circling, hungry. The Beast had been merely lying in the shadows, biding his time and patiently waiting. And now, the clock hands had swept back around to a time of darkness and great evil. The fattening was complete and he was ready to unleash a pent up fury borne of one of the blackest nights in the history of mankind.

Yes peeps, The Devil You Know has ‘issues’ to resolve before we can all sleep easy in our beds. At least me anyway. So I’ll soldier on for another week and then it will be time…

Movin’ on up…

He Who Pays The Piper has moved up the Amazon rankings by over 40,000 points in the last 24 hours! Now into the top 7% category. Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest! Keep it coming guys!

Here is the link, just in case…

Also, can I give a huge shout to all the nice people at A-List Blogging who have been so helpful to me recently. Find them at

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