International Adventure Assistant Needed: Apply Here


International Adventure Assistant Needed – Is That You?

Right now I’m auditioning narrators to turn my most recent thriller The Devil You Know into an audio-book.

It’s very exciting and I never knew there were so many talented people out there. Obviously every author will have their own specific criteria and in my case I require someone who can deliver an authentic Scots accent and even with this strict stipulation there are lots to choose from.

Most of the top quality guys are also actors – who knew?

This means that the lead times for these audio-books will be long and so I don’t expect the first one until next summer. But if it works out then I’ll hopefully transform all of my novels into audio-books!

If you want any tips or contacts then please get in touch! it’s a fascinating world!

All of this got me thinking that Ridge Walker could probably do with an assistant or two. I mean he can’t keep on expecting his poor wife to risk her life again and again can he? Not now they have a family.

There would have to be some (deadly) strict requirements however and probably NOT the usual sort of thing you’d expect to see on a resume!

So, if you think you might fit the bill and have the following skills and attributes then get in touch and soon you might be an international hero jetting off & saving the world!


  • Pulling Ridge Walker out of dangerous international situations at the drop of a hat
  • Communicating with foreign nationals without being able to speak the language
  • Have an ability with a variety of weapons
  • Be a fervent fan of the beautiful country of Scotland
  • Not have met an alcoholic drink you didn’t like
  • Be able to work without supervision, leadership or even a clue what is going on
  • Have a scant regard for the practical workings of ‘the law’ anywhere in the world
  • Be drop-dead-gorgeous, male/female but untouchable (he’s been there-done that..!)
  • Having several passports / identities would be a bonus


So there you have it!

Previous applicants need not reply, all applications will be treated with the utmost contempt etc etc..


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