The Piper’s Lament

The Piper’s Lament


the pipers lament



Against his better judgement, Ridge Walker once more finds himself in the firing line far from home. But this time his situation is far worse. In this explosive sequel, Ridge Walker is once again plunged into an exotic world, this time it’s 4000 miles away in the humid hills of Northern Pakistan. During his daring quest to rescue a friend he is held captive by merciless terrorists and with his life swinging in the balance and time running out fast, he must choose just who to trust before everything he holds dear is cruelly snatched away from him.

But this time it was his choice to go to a dangerous and unpredictable region and his reasons for doing so were not as altruistic and naive as those that previously led him to blunder unwittingly into the drugs war of Central America.
And this time his actions were to threaten the existence of the most precious people in his world.

Published shortly before the atrocities in Paris, France, this novel touches a raw nerve in that it exposes some of the realities of life as a young Muslim and especially as a Muslim woman in Western society. As droves of recruits flood to areas such as Iraq and Syria to take up arms against the West, it is critical in my opinion that society addresses the root cause of these conflicts so they can be resolved with as little bloodshed as possible. Yet still, as with the so-called ‘drugs war’ in Central America, the violence continues with tragic consequences.

I hope you enjoy The Piper’s Lament as it’s not without moments of hilarity and the dry humour that we Scots are famous for. For (as we like to say in Scotland) if we didn’t laugh, we’d greet…

Alex Breck


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