The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside

There’s bodies raining from the sky and the city is tearing itself in two…

A decade after the events on Gruinard Island, Lachlan Maclean thought he’d succeeded in making a better life for himself and his young family. But he was mistaken.

First, it was the desperate homeless and pitiful junkies, who had seemingly jumped from drab Glasgow sky-scrapers. Callous indifference was the reaction from a city struggling to make sense of the global pandemic.

When an asylum-seeker was next, followed by a promising young para-athlete, it became obvious they’d been thrown to their deaths. There was only mild interest from the media.

Glasgow had more important things to think about, it was the start of the football season.

But when fans of bitter rivals, Celtic and Rangers, suffer a similarly gruesome fate, the city finally wakes up to the fact there is a maniac on the loose.

Now the city is in an uproar. Violent crime and mass disorder events spiral into anarchy, the papers start screaming for answers, yet the police have no leads.

It’s time for an unholy alliance to return to the blood-splattered streets of Glasgow.

A millionaire albino killer, an ice-blonde assassin, an ex-gang boss and a retired police inspector are forced to work together to battle a foe who will stop at nothing to satisfy a thirst for revenge.

What Others Have Said:

Full of action and tension, this is a good read and I look forward to reading more.’

‘Great, well-written and developed book!’

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