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Hi!  You’ve found Alex Breck.

It’s great to meet you, what’s the craic?

I now live quietly on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland. Amongst many endeavours which ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ I have been an ice-cream van driver in Kansas, a banker in San Francisco, an oil accountant in London and an English teacher in Madrid.

I’m the author of the Ridge Walker series of international adventure thrillers including the brand new and long-promised THE LOSS REPORT my fourth in the series after ‘The Piper’s Promise’ ‘The Piper’s Lament’ and ‘He Who Pays The Piper.’

THE LOSS REPORT is a tale of loyalty, betrayal, love and hate. You’ll love it…!

As a creative writing and crime writing tutor at a local college on the mainland, I helped set up a writing group and we have published a couple of non-profit short story books over the last year or so. ‘Sea Passages’ is a short story collection on the theme of ‘ferry journeys’ and our second anthology ‘Footfalls’ is concerning the idea of ‘pathways.’

I’ve also published a gritty stand-alone thriller called ‘The Devil You Know’ based in Scotland. Look out for the second instalment to be called ‘The Devil Inside,’ which I am working on now and very excited about! It will be published at the start of 2021 and my plan is to complete the fifth Ridge Walker adventure after that.

Currently, I am recovering from my recent 1,000 mile charity cycle ride and slowly eroding any fitness gains by eating everything in sight…! To all of you splendid folks who sponsored me, a huge THANKS. I raised twelve hundred pounds for my chosen charity which was far less than I had hoped but given the pandemic situation, it was still a worthwhile adventure

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