The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know


The Devil You Know


No amount of money can disguise the fact that wealthy twenty-eight year old Lachlan Maclean is physically and morally repugnant to all who know him.

A broken human being and a killer, only a sick mind such as his could think up the experiment that he calls The Project. His aim is to excavate the deep depravity of the human condition, to create a grisly televised record of the true blackness at the centre of our bestial heart. The ultimate reality show.

Instead Lachie unearths a treasure trove of spontaneous and unaffected joy and light. For the first time in his wretched existence he feels the power and the beauty of genuine love and perhaps even a chance at redemption.

But the beast had been lurking in the shadows after all, a brooding evil borne of one of mankind’s blackest nights.

Now in a dark race against time and tormented by the forces of good and evil, Lachie is possibly the only man on earth who can save his precious new family.



The Devil You Know is a page-turning contemporary thriller

and a stark portrait of an unlikely hero.

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