Grab My Adventure Thriller On Kindle

Trying my hand at using YouTube to promote my first novel, He Who Pays The Piper.

Thought this might be a good idea before I finish the sequel, due to be completed this summer. Can’t see Hollywood queuing to sign me up just yet – ho hum, stick to the writing methinks…!

It’s available on Kindle and can also be ordered from Amazon as a paperback.

If anyone buys the book from this post, then subscribe to my blog and I’ll send you a free copy of the Ridge Walker sequel ‘The Devil You Know’ when it’s finished in the summer.



Movin’ on up…

He Who Pays The Piper has moved up the Amazon rankings by over 40,000 points in the last 24 hours! Now into the top 7% category. Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest! Keep it coming guys!

Here is the link, just in case…

Also, can I give a huge shout to all the nice people at A-List Blogging who have been so helpful to me recently. Find them at

Take care