Who’s The Daddy?

Who’s The Daddy?


Today is National Poetry Day in Scotland.

Sadly, much as I enjoy a good poem, writing them isn’t my forte, to put it mildly.

So, in place of a poem, I have something else for you.

Not quite a poem, but not really a short story either, you can make of this little piece of writing just what you wish.

I hope you enjoy!


Who’s The Daddy?


Wow! I have led a sheltered life, I think.

Never seen one that big, not up close anyway.

And not pointing right at me.

He senses my apprehension and smiles. He turned to the side and lowered it somewhat and I immediately felt less threatened. At least he hadn’t thrust it in my face the way Andy liked to do. Mind you, he had always been all about posture and bravado. When it came down to it, he was never able to fulfil the early promise that I can now barely even remember seeing in him. That probably explained the aggression and the drunken beatings.

‘Would you like to touch it?’ he said, reading my mind again.

But instead, I let him control it for a minute more as I tentatively stroked its length. It was a monster next to the sad facsimile I’d find waiting for me back home.

Then I took it fully in my hands and felt the heft of it for the first time. It surprised me and he smiled again. He was obviously used to this reaction from his new customers, especially ones like me who had never thought that they’d find themselves in this embarrassing situation.

‘I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all my customers, but obviously I wouldn’t want you to be recommending me to your sewing bee or anything and-’

‘-Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure,’ I said, gripping it more firmly now and feeling the latent power in my fingertips. My hours of covert practice in the field behind the old shed at home hadn’t prepared me for this. The young boys from across the road would freak out if they could see me now.

We shared a cigarette after his brief but earth-shattering demonstration and I felt my hands shake as I handed over my rolled up wad of damp notes. He nodded and left me standing there alone, a silhouette of vengeance, unmoved by the vortex of autumn leaves encircling me.



‘Oh yeah baby, I decided, sliding in a twenty round magazine. This will do nicely. This time, we’ll see who’s the daddy…




Alex x

PS: I am still working on the 4th Ridge Walker adventure thriller and I promise it will be published later this year.

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