The Piper’s Lament – My Ridge Walker Sequel

piper's lament

The Piper’s Lament – My New Thriller Sequel To He Who Pays The Piper

At long last the second Ridge Walker book has been published by Seilachan Fort and I am an ecstatic chappie.

There is no doubt that it’s been a difficult year for my family with too many tragedies including the death of my father, but as we approach the winter, I know that he would have been so proud to have seen this book finally out in print.

The Piper’s Lament is another international adventure and this time Ridge is plunged into an exotic world thousands of miles away in the humid hills of northern Pakistan.

Held captive my merciless terrorists, his life swings in the balance and with time running out fast, Ridge must weigh up just who to trust before everything he holds dear is cruelly snatched from him.

In this explosive thriller, Ridge has to contend with the thorny issues of religious fanaticism, gender inequalities and a simmering cauldron of racial intolerance as the Western world’s so-called War on Terror threatens to boil over into a bloody and brutal conflict that will blight a generation.

I hope you enjoy the book and for those of you in Scotland, look out for the official UK launch in early December.

I’ve negotiated a special deal for my loyal (and patient) blog subscribers – if you buy The Piper’s Lament in print form and leave a positive review on Amazon before the end of October, I will post you a signed paperback copy of He Who Pays The Piper for FREE!

Other news just in –

I am already well ahead with the plotting of the third Ridge Walker book which takes him to the Far East. The publication date for this book is next Autumn. Before then you can also look forward to my stand-alone Scottish thriller The Devil You Know which will come out in the Spring.

All the best!

Alex x  Piper's Lament


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