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into the forest

Yes, the third Ridge Walker instalment will be published very soon!

The title is ‘The Piper’s Promise’ and the book is set mostly in Japan.

In A Forest

One of the most important locations for the book is a mysterious and gruesome forest which looks quite like the one in the image above.

Since I was a wee boy I’ve always loved playing in the woods but I have to admit that writing this thriller has put me off just a little. I won’t be venturing out into any dark forest that’s for sure!

My little island doesn’t have any major woods to speak of but my son and I often travel over to the mainland to mountain bike down some epic Forestry Commission trails and particularly on a Sunday when there’s no tree-felling going on.

You’re not likely to meet many people in my story-forest however but without spoiling the plot I’d say that if you did you would be thankful…

I usually like to listen to music when I’m writing and I have an eclectic taste. The only common thread between the songs I listen to is that they have to be LOUD.

This tune below is called A Forest by The Cure who are an old favourite from my student days.

So pull down the blinds, switch off the lights and turn your volume UP…!

Into the trees
Into the trees
   Into the trees…


Here is a short snippet about the new book:

When Thad is wrongly arrested for murder on the wrong side of the planet, Ridge Walker must find the real killer in order to prove his best pal’s innocence. But as he crosses swords with a merciless adversary and the savage ethos of centuries of warrior culture, the bloodshed takes on a laser-sharp accuracy slicing ever closer to those he loves. They say ‘the apple never falls far from the tree’ so it’s going to be a bitter harvest this season.


Alex x

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PS: Here’s a very recent review for my latest thriller The Devil You Know from Amazon in the US:

What kept me reading was the quality of the writing, in a word: marvelous, an example of modern prose, impossibly long sentences that somehow work out, a sardonic sense of humor and a host of colorful characters that include the traditional tired detective, grumpy old boatman, a prominent local criminal and a beautiful female assassin. I am not a Scot, and I had some trouble following some of the colorful dialogue that illustrates the peculiarities of Scottish conversation. The effort was worth it. More than a story, I recommend this book to readers who appreciate good writing. I am truly impressed and hope to see more books by Alex Breck.

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