Teaser for my next Ridge Walker thriller, ‘No Place To Hide’

It’s been a while, right?
Please forgive my tardiness in publishing new material over the last year or so.
In my defence, I have been writing and so in evidence, I offer up a tiny snippet from the forthcoming 5th Ridge Walker adventure thriller, No Place To Hide, set mostly in SE Asia.

Ridge Walker is on the road again

‘Stanton looked across at the crazy drunk who seemed to be quite comfortable piloting the vehicle with one eye shut, the other gleaming with a steely determination. This stranger, who might yet prove to be the worst of good Samaritans, had possibly saved his life and he tried to process this latest disaster, adding to what had already become a lengthy cavalcade of calamity.’

No place to hide

Look out for some more teaser posts as I get closer to the end of the book. I’m very pleased with the overall plot ideas, story locations and, of course, the all-important characters, old and new.

And yes, Ridge Walker is on the road, a long way from home, once again. It’s fair to say he isn’t making a great job of blending in to life on an entirely different island from the one he was born and brought up on. But this time, he’s in good company.

Buckle up for another explosive roller-coaster ride through the murky world of international crime gangs and the poor souls unfortunate enough to collide with them.

My plan is to have this book completed and published by the end of this year, assuming ‘Life Inc’ doesn’t get in the way as it has done in recent times.

Thanks for your patience and I can’t wait to hear your feedback once the finished article is out there.

In the meantime, don’t forget you still have plenty time to get up to date with Ridge Walker and his previous four globe-trotting adventures!


Alex x