Ridge Walker


So just who is Ridge Walker?

Here’s a short video I shot when He Who Pays The Piper was published.

Yeah, I know… Hollywood beckons, right?

After the publication of my second Ridge Walker thriller The Piper’s Lament, here’s another quick video about our Scots hero.

Look out for the third instalment of the Ridge Walker series later this year!

When Thad is arrested for a series of murders he didn’t commit on the wrong side of the planet, Ridge Walker must find the real killer in order to prove his best friend’s innocence. But as Ridge crosses swords with a merciless adversary and the savage ethos of centuries of warrior culture, the death toll speeds up and the seemingly random slayings take on a laser-sharp accuracy slicing ever closer to those he loves.

Two worlds collide in this race against time. As he sinks deeper into the macabre quagmire of a sick and vengeful mind Ridge begins to realise the full horror that awaits him.

They say ‘the apple never falls far from the tree’ and it’s going to be a bitter harvest this season.


Ridge Walker - The Piper's Lament

Photo credit –  flickr.com/photos/fluffisch/306621

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