Happy Halloween! Alex Breck’s Banter Podcast Show is LIVE!

Alex Breck's Banter Podcast Show

We’re LIVE! The Brand New Alex Breck’s Banter Podcast Show!


If you’ve got a moment or two I’d be well chuffed if you could pop over to my new podcast show on iTunes and give it a listen.

I’ve recorded three shows for the moment. The first show is a general get to know me episode and the next one introduces one of my biggest literary characters, Ridge Walker. You’ll hear me read from a chapter of the first Ridge Walker adventure thriller, He Who Pays The Piper.

Halloween Cat

The third show is all about the madness that is NaNoWriMo, an annual event that begins tomorrow!

It’s called National Novel Writing Month.

The challenge is to write 50,000 words in the month of November.

Halloween NaNoWriMo

Before you recoil in appropriate Halloween horror – that’s only 1,667 words a day.. which doesn’t sound too bad when you say it quickly!

It’s free to enter and the feedback and support you get from other participants is out of this world. If you think you’ll be the only person you know doing it – think again – there are over 300,000 people taking part across the globe.

Living in a remote part of Scotland I love the online camaraderie and I honestly credit NaNoWriMo with giving me the push that I needed to get my writing off the ground way back in 2012.

Don’t worry about other people reading your stuff – it’s totally private and no-one need ever see your work if that’s what you want.

The feeling of achievement on November 30th when you’ve uploaded 50,000 words is incredible. Add to that the fact that you’ve now got the bare bones of a fully fledged NOVEL!

So go on! What are you waiting for!

My NaNoWriMo name is wordspinner7 and so don’t be shy – look me up and be my nano buddy and we can push each other to greatness!

This is a pic of me and a Halloween buddy who looks a little worse for wear. That’s me on the left in case you didn’t know!

halloween pals

Happy Halloween and I hope you’re having a chilling evening!

My latest devilishly hot thriller – THE DEVIL YOU KNOW – is out now in paperback – http://bit.ly/devilyouknowbkuk
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Bought The Piper’s Lament yet?

This second Ridge Walker novel is also available in print form here musical the pipers lament


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Enjoy your reading and writing!

Alex x




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