Your Christmas Cracker from Alex Breck!

Christmas Cracker

Christmas Bundle Price – Get ALL 3 Published Thrillers at a 25% Discount

Hey, I know present buying can be a real hassle sometimes!

Just because you know someone really well doesn’t mean they can be a breeze to buy for. And the last thing you want to do is waste a ton of money on a present they won’t like.

But… I have your back, my friends.

If you know your friend likes reading fiction and perhaps some black humour thrillers by Scottish authors then why not improve your odds of success by buying them a bundle of books. Maybe they won’t like one but totally love the other two?

Buying a whole bunch of books by different authors could be expensive however.

Let me sign your books

And your chances of finding some that have been personally signed by the author will be slimmer than stumbling across an honest politician!

Until now.

You can grab all of my three published thrillers; the first two Ridge Walker books plus my recent Scottish thriller,The Devil You Know, for a Christmas Bundle 25% discount!

And as soon as you give me your mailing address I will sign your books and post them off

Christmas Cracker





These are the three books you’ll get in your Christmas Cracker Bundle –

He Who Pays The Piperthe pipers lamentThe Devil You Know

So what could be better?

Hit that Paypal button and I’ll put down my mug of mulled wine and start sticking on the stamps.

Have a cool Yule!


Alex x

PS: Here’s a very recent review for The Devil You Know from Amazon in the US:

What kept me reading was the quality of the writing, in a word: marvelous, an example of modern prose, impossibly long sentences that somehow work out, a sardonic sense of humor and a host of colorful characters that include the traditional tired detective, grumpy old boatman, a prominent local criminal and a beautiful female assassin. I am not a Scot, and I had some trouble following some of the colorful dialogue that illustrates the peculiarities of Scottish conversation. The effort was worth it. More than a story, I recommend this book to readers who appreciate good writing. I am truly impressed and hope to see more books by Alex Breck.




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