how many words for rain?

Returning from a water-logged weekend of camping in the Borders, I laughed when I read this BBC article about the paucity of descriptive words for rain as used by our favourite meterologists. Being a country lad, I particularly loved the earthy French term – raining like a cow relieving itself. An English expression, pishpotikle, also struck a chord as, being no strangers to the wet stuff, we have many similarly themed variations here in Scotland, none of which are fit to print. At least we don’t have to endure a hose-pipe ban at the same time – that would really be taking the p**h…!

What descriptive words do you have for rain?

Fifty words for rain

2 thoughts on “how many words for rain?

    • And they have that horrible cold mist that comes in off the sea. What’s it called, the ‘har’ I think it is. Creeps right up even on a sunny day and envelopes everything in a cold thick fog. Oh, the fond memories…?

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