Free Preview Of My New Thriller

Hey there, it’s your weekend Free Preview time!

Brought to you by the power of technology..

I thought you might like this quick way of having a sneaky peek into my new Scottish based thriller The Devil You Know which launched a couple of days ago.



Let me know what you think!


PS: I’m presently working on the third Ridge Walker novel in the series and so if you’d like to be a beta-reader and get free editions of all my future novels then drop me an email at All I would ask in return is that you give me an honest review.

Here’s a couple of links to the paperback and kindle version for Amazon here in the UK. I’m sure the technology will re-direct you to the Amazon sites of whatever other country you happen to be living in.

Remember – we’re stronger by what unites us than what divides us right?

Alex x

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Bought The Piper’s Lament yet?

This second Ridge Walker novel is also available in print form here musical the pipers lament


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